Antirust treatment technology for oil filter components

With the development of modern industrial technology, vacuum oil filter is widely used in all walks of life, and higher technical requirements are put forward for the process of each system component produced by oil filter. Especially in transformer oil using vacuum filter oil machine, transformer insulation oil for the first time to deal with after filling the basic to the maintenance or repair oil can be used, while others are idle, if buy technology unqualified filter oil machine by this time there will be a problem, can appear out of the reach of internal oil filter oil machine rust problem.

Antirust treatment technology for oil filter components

The most effective method of anti-rust process treatment of oil filter needs to achieve the following several process conditions.

Phosphating paint process for oil filter components

1. All the basic parts of the oil filter are phosphated, and the interior is coated with 1032 anti-rust paint.

2. After phosphating, the oil filter components must be heated to 120℃ in the oven to dry the residual moisture.

3. When the temperature of the oil filter parts drops to 26℃, apply 1032 anti-rust paint inside.

4 oil filter machine surface paint had better choose metal paint or amino paint, so the price of paint are more expensive. Now the filter general use of plastic spray because of the competition to bargain.

Oil filter external paint protection

1. When the oil filter is not in use, the canvas cover should be used to perfect the screen, so as to avoid the corrosion of the machine by sunlight, moisture and ash layer. It is very important to protect the oil filter from dampness. The oil filter should be stored in a cool and dry place when idle. It also can prevent the oil filter from rusting.

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