Annealing furnace for silicon steel sheet

Product introduction

This series of annealing furnace for silicon steel sheet is a complete set of equipment specially designed and manufactured by our company for the heat treatment needs of silicon steel sheet industry, oriented steel and non oriented steel in the protective atmosphere, and also for the heat treatment of other steel and non-ferrous metals.

Product features

1. This series of annealing furnace for silicon steel sheet is composed of furnace body, silicon carbon rod heating element, heat-resistant steel muffle tank, air inlet device, exhaust device, computer control system, etc;

2. The shell of the furnace body is composed of the upper and lower furnace bodies and supports. After the external surface of the furnace is polished, polished and derusted, the external paint is treated with plastic spraying;

3. The furnace body insulation material adopts polycrystalline mullite non-standard fiber, and the furnace lining thickness is ≥ 200mm;

4. The use temperature of muffle can reach 1150 ℃;

5. The temperature control mode adopts the Japanese island electric intelligent microcomputer SCR phase-shift trigger PID regulation.

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