Analysis of heat treatment market demand

With the improvement of our country into the world economy degree, mechanical products export increase obviously, foreign wholly owned and joint-venture manufacturing enterprises of a large number of factories in China, both internal and external, once rising demand for heat treatment processing cooperation, encourage private heat treatment processing enterprises (professional), which also makes the prosperity in heat treatment equipment manufacturing, international equipment manufacturing enterprises also have factories in China. But in the late period of "11th five-year plan", due to the effect of the international financial crisis, shrinking external demand market, mechanical products export, foreign small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, also due to the increase in labor costs, some companies turn to south Asian countries, external cooperation processing, heat treatment especially southeast coast main services to foreign companies advanced greatly affected. On the whole, in today's economic construction, we need to accelerate the transformation of the economic development pattern and push the economy into the track of innovation-driven and domestic demand growth. We should vigorously promote energy conservation and emission reduction and promote coordinated development of regional economies.

1, heat treatment processing cooperation

(1) the heat treatment of auto parts keeps thriving (2) the heat treatment market of mining, engineering, road construction and construction machinery parts expands

(3) the heat treatment capacity of high-speed railway and urban rail transit vehicle parts has increased dramatically (4) there is a great demand for heat treatment of household appliances and product molds

(5) increased heat treatment market of wind power and nuclear power parts (6) stable heat treatment market of bearings and fasteners

2. Heat treatment equipment

(1) the survival of the fittest in heat treatment processing enterprises is intensified, the collaborative processing quantity will be relatively concentrated, and the demand for large and continuous heat treatment equipment will gradually increase.

(2) the high requirement of mechanical products for heat treatment quality, the competition among heat treatment enterprises gradually changes from price to quality, which will increase the demand for high-end equipment with high information, high automation and high reliability.

(3) the implementation of the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy will increase the demand for vacuum, atmosphere, induction and other clean heat treatment equipment. Ceramic fiber lining is required for the heating furnace, and fire fighting, smoking and smoke treatment facilities should be attached to the quenching oil tank.

(4) there will be a good market for automatic calculation, display and recording hardness tester, vickers and knoes microhardness tester, high power metallographic microscope, metallographic sample making equipment, element spectrum analyzer, ultrasonic, eddy current, magnetic powder and other non-destructive flaw detector.

(5) the "twelfth five-year" period of the push rod, rolling, chain plate, mesh belt, such as continuous type controlled atmosphere furnace production line, demand every year, more than 150 sets of sealed multi-purpose furnace production line (including 1100 ℃ high temperature sealing multi-purpose furnace) 300 sets a year demand, vacuum heat treatment furnace, including more than 10 bar high pressure gas quenching furnace) needs more than 300 units a year, in 100-200 - kw transistor, high-frequency, super audio induction power source and quenching machine tool demand every year, more than 200 sets.

(6) quenching oil fume processor will have more than 1000 sets per year.

(7) more than 500 combustion furnaces (≥100KJ/s) fueled by natural gas will be required annually

3. Furnishing materials and furnishing accessories

(1) about 30000t of ceramic fiber felt is needed every year

(2) about 500t per year for ni-cr alloy electric heating wire and plate

(3) OCr25A15 alloy electrothermal wire and plate require about 5000t per year

OCr18Ni25Siz heat resistant steel plates and castings require approximately 50000t per year

(5) about 100000t per year is required for light firebrick

(6) about 1000 roots blowers are needed annually from 15 to 30m3/h

(7) mechanical vacuum pump and oil diffusion pump need 1000 units each year

4, heat treatment process materials (1) special quenching oil about 50000t per year (2) PAG polymer quenching agent (concentration) about 3000t per year

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