Aluminium alloy quenching furnace

Quenching is to put the workpiece into the furnace heated to the critical point above the quenching temperature and maintain a period of time, and then the workpiece quickly out of the furnace into the quenching fluid (water or oil) for quenching. And the quenching furnace is the furnace that the workpiece is heated before quenching. Aluminum alloy quenching furnace is composed of heating furnace cover and mobile chassis. A crane is mounted on the square (or round) top of the furnace hood, and the basket can be lifted to the furnace chamber by a chain and a hook. The furnace cover is supported by section steel and has a pneumatic (or electric) operated door at the bottom. The underframe under the furnace cover can be moved and positioned along the track.

Aluminum alloy quenching furnace is suitable for solid solution heat treatment and aging treatment of large and medium-sized aluminum alloy parts. During production, move the basket on the bottom shelf to the bottom of the furnace cover, open the furnace door, lower the chain and hook to lift the basket into the furnace chamber, close the door for heating. Quenching is to move the trough under the furnace to the bottom of the furnace cover, and then open the furnace door, put down the chain, the basket (workpiece) into the water (or oil).

The cooling rate of the aluminum alloy quenching furnace during quenching must ensure that the supersaturated solid solution is fixed without decomposition. Prevent the precipitation of the strengthening phase, reduce the mechanical properties after quenching aging. Therefore, the faster the cooling speed is, the better. However, the greater the cooling speed, the greater the residual stress and residual deformation of the quenched products. Therefore, the cooling speed should be determined according to different alloys and products of different shapes and sizes. General alloy quenching is sensitive to the cooling rate, the selected cooling rate should be large. For example, the quenching and cooling speed of 2A11 and 2A12 alloy should be above 50℃/S, while the quenching and cooling speed of 7A04 alloy is very sensitive to the cooling speed, and the quenching and cooling speed should be above 170℃/S.

The commonly used quenching medium for aluminum alloy quenching furnace is water. Because the water viscosity is small, the heat capacity is large, the evaporation heat is fast, the cooling ability is strong, and the use is very convenient, economical.

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