All hydrogen gas bright bell annealing furnace

Application of bright bell type annealing furnace

Gas fired bright bell type annealing furnace is suitable for bright annealing of ferrous and non-ferrous metal strip, wire and coil. It is composed of gas heating hood, furnace platform (including strong convection fan), sealed inner hood, air and cold water cooling hood, pipe valve system, electric control system, steel chimney and flue, vacuum system and protective atmosphere.

Characteristics of bright bell annealing furnace

1. Because the furnace is equipped with large air volume and high-power heat flow fan, the heat and protective atmosphere in the furnace form strong convection circulation, so as to achieve the uniformity of furnace temperature and cooling rate that other furnace types cannot achieve, and ensure the uniformity of physical properties of annealed materials;

2. The equipment is equipped with a sealed inner cover, vacuum pumping and protective atmosphere filling system, which can effectively prevent the surface oxidation, decarburization and dezincification of annealed materials, and achieve reliable bright heat treatment. The furnace type has large loading capacity, convenient operation, safety and reliability. The heating cover adopts new refractory materials, advanced burners and preheaters, which is efficient and energy-saving, thus significantly improving product quality, It is an ideal heat treatment equipment for annealing of ferrous and non-ferrous metal coils and wires.

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