Air hydraulic oil special vacuum oil filter characteristics

1. The application of similar equipment of advanced technology at home and abroad a number of innovative design, machine box 304 frosted stainless steel material, Ⅰ - Ⅱ oil module assembly, the United States imports, filters, imports from the United States oil flow pipe stainless steel connection adopts special stainless steel mechanical connection. In the oil treatment technology and equipment performance in the leading level. It has the characteristics of high vacuum degree, fast oil cleaning speed and high precision.

Air hydraulic oil special vacuum oil filter characteristics

2. Lube oil purifier is designed for high precision oil and other synthetic oil repair, can remove water, impurities, dissolved gas.

3. Small volume, easy to move, considerate design of oil filter car economical and practical. This clean fuel car provides a one-click start operation. Reduce equipment off-line, reduce consumables, reduce maintenance, change little filter element, low cost, improve machine performance, can quickly recover the cost.

4. Remove free and dissolved water, which is a common pollutant in oil products and has the following harmful consequences; A. Voltage value of liquid B. oxygen in oil C. accelerated aging D. reduced lubrication E. reduced dielectric strength of insulation F. Corrosive G. Low temperature, H easy to gamble. I water is corrosive, however, the voltage of the liquid and accelerated aging are not considered to be harmful, it is easy to ignore that this can be prevented.

5. Clean oil vehicle can filter 100% free water and reduce dissolved water to 9PPM.

6. Remove free water and dissolved gases.

7. All oils have dissolved gases. Impact on operations and maintenance:

A. Foam,B. unstable response,C. reduced system hardness,D. reduced performance,E. Effect on pump,F. Accelerated oxidation,G. high flow temperature, H. flow discoloration, i. Oil filter function to remove 100% free gas and 98% dissolved gas.

8. Impurity filtration; A. the reliability of the hydraulic system and lubrication system and the flow performance is directly related to the content of impurities, 5 microns can cause harm to the lubrication system, also can accelerate the oxidation of oil, (NAS1638) impurities cleanliness requirements for aviation hydraulic oil levels less than 5-6, the company produced precision filter net oil vehicles imported from the United States, using encryption technology step by step, product indicators can be purified to NASA's standard NAS1638 levels - 5-6 or higher precision requirement. more

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