Aging furnace equipment use

Aging furnace mainly refers to a kind of processing equipment specially used for the heat treatment process of alloy workpieces after solution treatment, cold plastic deformation or casting, placing at a higher temperature or maintaining its performance, shape and size at room temperature after forging. The aging furnace produced by our company is synchronous with the new furnace structure abroad, adopting the double air duct high temperature equalizing spiral hot air circulation system. At the same time, we have applied the new high temperature equalizing technology and the new furnace structure. The shell is welded by steel plate and section steel. The small furnace is of rectangular double-layer air duct structure and full-automatic trolley structure, with full-automatic material in and out, without basic installation by the user, just put it flat The whole cement floor can be used.

Treatment purpose: the purpose of aging treatment is to eliminate the internal stress of the workpiece, stabilize the structure and size, and improve the mechanical properties.

Equipment application: this series is a periodic furnace, which can be used for tempering of steel parts and quenching and aging of aluminum alloy parts.

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