Advantages of vacuum nitriding treatment

Treatment advantages of vacuum nitriding service

The vacuum nitriding service can significantly improve the fatigue strength and service life of the parts, with the advantages of case depth up to 0.025 and improved wear and abrasion resistance due to 40-70% increase in surface hardness. Increase corrosion resistance through nitrogen enrichment. The controllable low processing temperature of 700-1200 ° f keeps the mechanical properties of the substrate and reduces the deformation of the finished parts to a low level.

Unique capabilities:

Single position treatment from hardening and tempering to vacuum gas nitriding (sodden, PA), case hardness up to 0.025, microprocessor controlled nitriding potential and repeatable results.

Field metallurgical testing laboratory, NADCAP certified, in accordance with SAE specification ams-2759 / 6 for gas nitriding.

The unique process developed by solar provides beautiful blackened surface appearance and improved corrosion resistance. The patented furnace design shortens the nitriding cycle time to 50%. The cycle development of metallurgical R & D team covers part of the ability.

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