Active carbon sintering atmosphere rotary furnace

Today, I would like to introduce a mature furnace designed and manufactured by our company - active carbon sintering atmosphere rotary furnace product name: active carbon sintering atmosphere rotary furnace

1、 The intermittent atmosphere rotary furnace is a new type of electric furnace with high performance and energy saving developed by international advanced technology. It is mainly used in the sintering of powder particles in the dynamic environment. It has the advantages of uniform temperature, short sintering time, reaction, drying, volatilization, reduction and so on.

2、 The working principle is that the furnace tank is in the shape of big belly, which can fix the materials in the constant temperature zone for rotary sintering, and will not make the materials run into the low temperature zone. A stirring bar is arranged in the furnace to turn over the animal material to increase the contact between the material and the atmosphere. The discharging is automatic, and the tilting furnace can be used for discharging. Uniform material quality: the movement state of the material in the furnace is dynamic movement and turnover, and the material is evenly heated to ensure the full reaction of the material. Excellent air tightness: due to the special sealing structure, it can be vacuumed. Due to the improvement of air tightness, the space in the furnace can not only maintain the oxidation atmosphere (in the air) and neutral atmosphere (nitrogen or carbon dioxide, etc.), but also pass through the reducing gas. Single set point or 30 segment PLC can be selected. Energy saving ceramic fiber material and double-layer structure can reduce the surface temperature to normal temperature. It has long average temperature zone, simple operation, reliable sealing and high comprehensive performance index. The furnace tube can be equipped with heat-resistant steel, quartz glass, ceramic tube and other materials. It can be divided into single temperature zone, double temperature zone and three temperature zone. This furnace type has the characteristics of safety, reliability, simple operation, high temperature control accuracy, good heat preservation effect, wide temperature range, high furnace temperature uniformity, many temperature areas, optional atmosphere, vacuum furnace type, etc.

3、 Model and specification equipment model furnace size temperature rated power voltage remarks

Bjxg series φ 159 * 300 1100-1600 4-8 380 with rotation function

Bjxg series φ 159 * 400 1100-1600 5-10 380 with rotation function

Bjxg series φ 219 * 300 1100-1600 6-12 380 with rotation function

Bjxg series φ 219 * 600 1100-1600 7-14 380 with rotation function

Bjxg series φ 273 * 300 1100-1600 8-15 380 with rotation function

Bjxg series φ 273 * 600 1100-1600 14-20 380 with rotation function

Bjxg series φ 377 * 300 1100-1600 8-16 380 with rotation function

Bjxg series φ 377 * 600 1100-1600 16-22 380 with rotation function

Note: activated carbon atmosphere rotary furnace can be designed and customized according to customer requirements, welcome to inquire!

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