Accuracy of filter element in high efficiency oil filter

Principle of high efficiency filter oil machine adopts multilevel filter, the impurity in the oil through a filter interception, make no impurities of oil through the distillation tower, the proportion of oil and water after heating, the condensing water pumps by oil pump system system, then completed a purification, removing impurity is heavily dependent on filter precision, so the filter material and accuracy is important!

Accuracy of filter element in high efficiency oil filter

General manufacturers will choose domestic filter element, more economical. The filter oil machine USES imported filter elements from USA and Germany, which can be cleaned and used repeatedly. This saves the cost of filter element!

The general accuracy includes 1um, 5um, 15um, 20um, 25um, 35um, 50um, 70um, 80um, and 100um. The filter element accuracy can be selected according to the degree of pollution. The pursuit of minimum accuracy can not achieve the effect, and the oil yield is not high.

There are also many types of filter elements, which can be customized according to customers. Generally, the following types are:

1, 150x300X80um, 2, 150x300X50um, 3, 150x300X5um, 4, L500XM20X25, 5, 180X330X50U, 6, LWJ-1000S1, 7, GTSF-EA8, GT198-31-HV

For more signal filter elements, please contact our manufacturer for customized production!

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