1400 degree double temperature zone vacuum tube atmosphere furnace

Product overview:

The heating element of 1400 degree double temperature zone vacuum tube furnace is silicon carbide rod;

Double layer air cooling structure;

High purity alumina fiber vacuum adsorption molding;

Vacuum extrusion of high density silicon carbide rod;

The outer diameter of corundum tube is 60 and 80mm.

The two temperature zones are controlled by two independent temperature control systems and are programmed in pid30 section. It is a new type of tube type electric furnace with high performance and energy saving,

The product has advanced and reasonable structure, rapid temperature rise, simple operation, good sealing performance, and can be pre vacuumized. The vacuum can be maintained for a long time, and the micro positive pressure can also be maintained.

Scope of application:

The 1400 degree double temperature zone vacuum tube type atmosphere furnace is mainly used in industrial and mining enterprise laboratory, college laboratory, electronic material, powder metallurgy, magnetic material and other products, as well as heat treatment process of other materials.

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