Tempering material basket advantages

Tempering material basket advantages

Advantages of basket:

1. Sloped tank body, with slide design below, all water tanks can be taken out separately to facilitate cleaning the bottom of the tank, simple operation.

2. The protection cover of the water tank is combined with the humanized design, which can be hung on to prevent the operation personnel from bruising.

3. The water is replenished inside. When the water level of any tank decreases, the water will be replenished automatically through the water pipe.

4. There are three layers of filter devices inside to protect the water pump and filter impurities in the water.

5. Each water tank is equipped with a filtration device (the internal filtration device is three-layer filtration) to make the water in the water tank cleaner for the convenience of secondary use and the convenience of cleaning stolen goods at any time. The filtration basket is designed to be widened, deepened and raised, and the aperture of the filter basket is 3MM.

6. The equipment replenishes water from the discharging end to the feeding end in order to ensure the water in the third tank is clean.

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