Mitsubishi  PLC FX3G Programmable Logic Controller


Control scale: 14 to 128 points

256 points when using CC-Link remote I/O

(FX3GA basic unit: 24/40/60 points

FX3G basic unit: 14/24/40/60 points)


A freely combinable PLC

FX3cA is a compact PLC. Simple design and month times the basic functions of the FX3 series. Through enhanced built-in functions and flexible expansion, the application in various domains has been expanded.

l l 3 generations of standard models

l l High flexibility

l l Cost-effective for small-model control

l l The number of control points is 128 points, and 256 points can be controlled when using CC-Link remote I/O.


Product detailed information:


Built-in CPU, power supply, input and output. Improve the performance while maintaining the convenience of FX1N.

Can be installed using the FX3 series of special telephone adapter and function expansion board.


High speed arithmetic processing:


Basic instructions: 0.21us/instruction

Application instruction: 0.5us/instruction


Large memory:


32,000 steps of built-in program memory.

An EEPROM memory cartridge with a program transfer function can be used.



Corresponds to EN and UL/cUL certifications.


Device memory:


Auxiliary relay 7680 points

Timer 320 points

Counter 235 points

Data register 8,000 points

Extended Memory 24,000 points

Extended file register 24,000 points

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