Rotary electric furnace

The furnace is mainly used for gas carburizing, gas carbonitriding and bright.

Quenching and heating small parts of different shapes, such as nails, screws, steel balls, sleeves, pins, self tapping screws, standard parts, chains are made of high-speed tool steel, die steel, martensitic stainless steel, titanium alloy and other metals.


rotary electric furnace features :

1). The furnace is heated by resistance, controlled by solid state relay and intelligent instrument of Japanese relay company, and adjusted by PID. It has the advantages of accurate temperature control, simple operation and stable performance.

2). The working area adopts the sealed cylindrical chamber furnace made of imported high-temperature stainless steel, which automatically rotates the workpiece after it is put into the furnace cavity, so that the workpiece is evenly heated. It can also be transferred to various gases to meet various technical requirements of the workpiece.

3). The furnace body is supported by a support, which can be tilted up or down under the control of the tilt unit, and can be automatically discharged when tilted down.

3. Technical parameters:

Model No.


Rated power


Rated voltage


Rated temperature

950°C (controlled)

Instrument temperature control accuracy


Temperature control partition


control mode

PID automatic mobilization, solid state relay

heating element

Helical resistance wire ocr21A16Nb

Furnace pipe material 

10mm 310S stainless steel(2520)

Heating element connection


Furnace tank size 


Heating area


Discharging way

axial discharge

Cooling mode

natural cooling

furnace tank material

310S heat-resistant stainless steel

Overall dimensions




Weight of the furnace


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