Electric Heat Treatment Furnace

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Electric Heat Treatment Furnace




Electric Heat Treatment Furnace With PLC Control is state standard energy saving cyclic furnace. It is a fiber structure saving 60% power consumption. It is among the first manufacturers to employ compound high aluminum porcelain nail group, trolley anti-explosion sealing bricks, automatic sealing trolley and furnace door, and integrated rail.


Application :


This series furnace is applicable to the quenching, annealing and aging treatment of high chrome parts, high manganese cast parts, cast iron, rolls, steel balls, 45# steel parts and others.


Parameter :


Rated temperature:1300C

Common heating temperature:400-1250

Furnace body surface temperature:55 + room temperature

Uniformity of furnace temperature:≤±10

Door lifting mechanism:electric hoist

Door and bogie moving speed:6-8m/min

Hearth lining:aluminum silicate fiber




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