Continuous tunnel oven industrial electric furnace

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Continuous tunnel oven industrial electric furnace


Description :


1.The material of effective drying liner is 304 stainless steel,with high cleanliness feature.

2.With opening type design,very portable and convenient to test and maintenance.

3.Sectional type design, easy to transport and insall.

4.Stainless steel lliner with wind hole,can guarantee indoor temperature uniform.

Product Controling Features:

5.PID self-adjusting, automatic constant temperature,self-clocking,alarming outage when temperature got limited.

6.Using intelligent temperature controller,PID automatic caculus,LED display,can guarantee the equipmets' high quality.

7.Using solid state relays(SSR) output, can accurately control the temperature.


Application :


Hardware,electron,chemical,printing,sports equipment,footwear industry,auto parts and so on.


Parameter :


Boundary dimension : L10000 x W1200 x H1650mm

Effective drying size : total length 6000mm , height 150mm

PVC belt transmission : width 980mm , height from ground is 750~780mm

Power source : 380AC , 50HZ .

Heating tube : Stainless steel U shape .



















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