Mixed Flow Series Evaporative Conoenser

Process principle:

The working fluid flows inside the coil and is surrounded by water spray outside. The heat of water is transferred through the coil and becomes saturated steam when it contacts with water and air. Heat is discharged from the tower by fans. The water is collected back to the bottom tank. During the circulation, the water spray is cooled by PVC fins and flows in the same direction as the fresh air. The coil mainly absorbs the obvious hot air, which is particularly suitable. Handle high temperature fluids.

Product features:

1. Easy to maintain

The huge internal spare space is convenient for people to maintain the cooling tower.

2. Avoid scaling

The better water coverage around pipes is due to the smooth, parallel and downward path of air and spray water on the coil, thus facilitated the drying point, because water will not be stripped off by the airflow from the bottom of the tube.


Working principle of mixed flow series:

1. The cooling water increases the temperature difference between the water and the heating process fluid, which leads to the reduction of coil size, coil connection and weight. This function further reduces the tendency of scaling on the coil, because the cooling water provides a higher solubility of scale compounds.

2. The parallel air and water path can minimize the dry point of scale found at the bottom of the pipe of the conventional device.

3. cycle of spray water falls from the coil to the surface of the wet deck, where it is cooled by second fresh air flows through evaporation and sensible heat transfer.

4. Pump water to evaporation coil with 6.5l/s coil surface area to ensure continuous overflow of main heat transfer surface, thus improving heat transfer efficiency and reducing scaling and scaling.

5. The coil section discharges heat through the evaporation of fresh air, on the other hand, through the sensible heat effect of precooling circulating water spray. Reducing the evaporation cooling effect of coil is helpful to reduce the possibility of scaling on the surface of coil.

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