Industrial PVC Fill Water Cooling Tower

main features

1. Motor: imported brand.

2. Rotary pad: made of pure nylon and fiber, with better acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance (140 ℃), low temperature resistance (- 40 ℃).

3. Radiator: transparent film, light weight, good toughness, no deformation under the water temperature of 55 ° C.

4. Gasket: made of original material, without deformation and slipping.

5. Blade: made of original material, light weight, no deformation and fracture.

6. Sprinkler pipe: the new PP one-time injection molding is adopted, with light weight, good toughness, no deformation and no fragility.

7. Plastic rod: it is made of new impact resistant PP, light in weight, good in toughness, not deformed and not fragile.


technical parameter

Working conditions

Inlet temperature - T1 = 37 ° C

Outlet temperature - T2 = 32 ° C

Wet bulb temperature - WBT = 28 ° C

Temperature drop - TS = 5 ° C

Pressure - P = 99.4kpa

Cooling Tower Application 

Widely used in air conditioning plant, paper mill, bleaching and dyeing plant, chemical plant, water chiller, diesel generator, cooling device, etc.

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