Closed Cooling Tower

GHM series is compact in design with a single unit capacity of 30 to 500 metric tons. The shell is made of special alloy coated steel or stainless steel, cooling coil is made of stainless steel, and wet deck filler is made of PVC. All raw materials are of high industrial grade with excellent corrosion resistance. GHM tower has high efficiency, low power and low water consumption rate. As a packaged tower, installation is usually easy. The size of the tower can be customized to suit the project floor space constraints. GHM tower is widely used in various fields, such as cooling furnace, compressor, generator, converter, transformer and other machine's circulating water, oil or other process fluid; it is also used for heat removal in HVAC or refrigeration system.

Working principle

As a drainage type cross flow evaporation cooling tower, in operation, a large amount of fresh air continuously enters through the side louver at the bottom of the tower, and then directly passes through the cooling coil. The wet deck is full of water spray, which becomes hot and humid air, and finally leads the air flow from the tower with hot and humid air to enter the big air. In this process, part of the sprayed water evaporates and removes the heat, while the heat from the process fluid inside the coil is transferred to the spray water through the wall of the coil, so as to effectively reduce the temperature of the process fluid and keep it clean in the whole cycle, such as the closed loop.


Design features

Automatic water saving and energy saving

Each of our cooling towers is equipped with an automatic water-saving and energy-saving system. The system is composed of automatic switching spray pump, and the temperature sensor monitors the outlet water temperature. When the outlet water temperature is high. If the target value is below the set target, the spray pump will automatically shut down to save water and energy.

Cooling coil with rapid drainage design

It is constructed to have a certain tilt angle, so that the internal process fluid can be completely discharged very quickly. This is very important for cold weather to prevent freezing the circulatory system during idling. Otherwise, incomplete drainage may even cause the coil to break in the process.

Large inspection and maintenance access

GHM series cooling towers are designed for easy insertion and have lockable doors of suitable size. Maintenance personnel can easily enter into the tower when the tower is idle or working for regular inspection and maintenance.

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