Industrial Softening Water Treatment Equipment


Industrial Softening Water Treatment Equipment


Multi-valve automatic softener system is comprised of multiple controlling diaphragm valve (hydraulic or pneumatic),multi-valve controller, resin tank and salt box. Controller emits instruction to different hydraulic controlling diaphragm valve separately by the program predesigned and finish different path open and close. Then it realizes a reuse process.


1.For system: steam boiler, hot-water boiler, exchanger, evaporate-condenser, air-conditioning and direct-fired machine
2.For place:  hotel, restaurant, office building, apartment, home and etc
3.For industry: food, beverage drink, making wine, washing clothes, printing, chemical industry and medicine


Raw water - raw water tank (user self-provided) - raw water pump- multi-media filter- activated carbon filter- precision filter, the reverse osmosis device - pure water storage tank (user self-provided).


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