Ultrafiltration system for water purification

Ultrafiltration is a low pressure membrane separation technology. The filtration process is driven by the pressure difference between the two sides of the membrane. A pure mechanical screening process in which the membrane pore size has different interception rates for materials with different molecular weights. Dissolved substances and those with diameters less than the membrane pore size will pass through the ultrafiltration membrane with the permeation liquid. Non-permeable substances will gradually be concentrated and discharged into the liquid. Therefore, the producing water contains water, ions and small molecules, while colloidal substances, particles, bacteria, viruses and protozoa will be removed from the membrane. Ultrafiltration membrane can be used repeatedly and can be cleaned with chemical cleaning agent.

Ultrafiltration system for water purification

Equipment parameters:

The operating pressure of ultrafiltration is generally 1~2.5bar.

With a molecular weight of 1000 ~ 500,000 Dalton,

Filtration accuracy 0.002~1 m, medium temperature 5~80 ℃,

The PH range is 2 ~ 10.

Optional equipment: 0.5~50m3/h.

Application Field:

Ultrafiltration is widely used in the separation, concentration and purification of substances:

1. Preparation of beverages and drinking water

2. Clarification and sterilization of sugar and wine and mineral water

3. Treatment of domestic water

4. Treatment of water for medicine at all levels

5. Separation and refinement of enzymes

6. Concentration and refinement of biological products

7. Pretreatment of large water treatment equipment

8. Terminal treatment of ultra-pure water in the electronic industry

9. Treatment of injected water from extra-low permeability oil Wells

10. Industrial wastewater treatment and recovery of useful substances

11. Refining and concentration of products in the food and pharmaceutical industries

12. Clarification and filtration of wine, recovery of electrophoresis paint, etc

13. Deep treatment of drinking water, food and beverage water.

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