Reverse osmosis pure water system

Reverse osmosis technology is an advanced and effective desalting technology. The principle is that under the action of pressure, water becomes pure water through reverse osmosis membrane, and impurities in the water are trapped by reverse osmosis membrane and carried out by concentrated water. The reverse osmosis technology can effectively remove inorganic salt ions, colloid, bacteria, virus, bacterial endotoxin and most organic matters in water. The desalination rate of primary reverse osmosis system is 95 ~ 99%. Due to its low energy consumption, continuous and stable operation process, small size of equipment, simple operation, strong adaptability and no pollution to the environment, it gradually replaces the traditional ion exchange technology. The reverse osmosis device developed by the company is designed with special RO technology, which is not only advanced in technology, but also reliable in product quality, strong in expansibility, small in structure, good balance in water utilization rate and product life, low in energy consumption, automatic operation and simple in operation and maintenance.

Reverse osmosis pure water system

Process configuration:

Conventional type: single-stage reverse osmosis process: sand filtration → carbon filtration → softening → fine filtration → reverse osmosis (it is recommended to use in areas with low hardness and low salt water).

Standard: two-stage reverse osmosis process: sand filter → carbon filter → softening → fine filter → primary reverse osmosis → secondary reverse osmosis (recommended for high hardness and high salt water).

Reverse osmosis optional equipment: can be customized according to customer requirements. Free of charge to provide a variety of water treatment technical advice, scheme design.

Reverse osmosis equipment of application scope:

1. Preparation of sterile, heat-free purified water in the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries;

2. Ultra-pure water for electronics and power industry;

3. Water for biomedicine;

4. Water for chemical and cosmetic ingredients;

5. Brackish water and seawater desalination;

6. Solution distribution for electroplating coating industry, parts cleaning and rinsing;

7, precision machinery, special materials, photoelectric materials, quartz products industry for cleaning, distribution, cooling water;

8, drinking pure water, food and beverage water.

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