Fully automatic water softener

The effluent quality of the automatic softener is stable, and the residual hardness of the effluent is < 0.03mmol/L. Meet the relevant requirements of national Water Quality Standard for Low-pressure Boiler GD1576-2001.

Fully automatic water softener

Product Features:

Compared with the traditional sodium ion exchanger, the fully automatic water softener has the following technical features:

1. New automatic control: program-controlled multi-channel valve can automatically supply water, backwash, salt absorption/replacement, washing, salt tank water replenishment process, which can be unattended.

2. Continuous and stable water supply: The regeneration can be started automatically on time or with the water production flow setting to ensure the production of high-quality softened water.

3. Reliable and compact structure: integrated soft water control valve and program controller save installation space and reduce piping system.

4. Multi-functional brine control system: it can automatically dissolve salt, absorb salt, and adjust salt liquid level to ensure reliable automatic regeneration.

5. Super corrosion resistance: the use of high strength glass reinforced plastic tank, can avoid regenerator and harsh environment of the equipment corrosion. Extend the service life and reduce the operation cost.

6. Uniform distribution and water collection system: 0.2mm pores and claw ABS distribution and water collection system can provide uniform water flow in the tank to ensure efficient utilization of resin, prevent resin loss and exert resin exchange capacity to a limited extent.

7. Very low energy consumption: the power of the automatic controller is only 5W, the reclaimed water consumption is less than 3% of the output of soft water, and the reclaimed salt suction USES negative pressure siphon without salt pump.

Basic parameters of water softener:

Working pressure: 0.28mpa

Power supply: AC220V / 50 hz

Multiple valve material: lead-free brass or engineering plastic (reinforced nylon)

Resin tank material: Glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP)

Yield water flow rate: 20-30 m/h

Soft water quality: Total residual hardness < 0.03mmol/L (CaCO3)

Application Field:

1. Used for replenishment of boiler and air conditioning system;

2. Used for removing calcium and magnesium ions in water, such as printing and dyeing, chemical industry, etc.

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