EDI ultra-pure water system

EDI is a revolution in water treatment technology. The electric regenerated ion exchange desalination technology replaces the traditional mixed ion exchange desalination technology. With the combination of reverse osmosis technology to produce water quality can reach 15 ~ 18 m Ω, CM high water production. The substitution ion exchange resin, has the water quality stability, the operation cost is low, the operation management is convenient, the occupation area is small and so on advantages, is practical in the large flow, the high water quality profession.

EDI ultra-pure water system

EDI ultra-pure water system

Equipment parameters:

Optional equipment: 0.05~50m3/h

Inlet flow rate (m3/h) : 3.63

Water production flow rate (m3/h) : 3.30

Concentrated water flow rate (m3/h) : 0.33

Device shape 665.3×605.5×318.4

The dead weight of the equipment is 123kg

Fresh water interface DN32

Concentrated water interface DN20

Motivation is equipped with

Voltage 220 volts 50 hz

The power of 5 kw

Application Field:

1. Ultra-pure water in semiconductor and electronic industries;

2. Purified water in biological and pharmaceutical industries;

3. Boiler make-up water of power plant;

4. Surface coating;

5. Consumer goods and cosmetics;

6. Ultra-pure water used in the laboratory;

7. Dye dilution water for printing and dyeing industry;

8. Other industries that require high purity of water.

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