Disc filter

Disc filter consists of controller, filter unit, filter shell, diaphragm valve, solenoid valve, flow meter, differential pressure signal meter, etc. The filter units can be combined in parallel to meet different flow requirements. The filter unit consists of a filter head and a filter plate, which is generally made of reinforced polyamide plastic and made of polypropylene plastic. Filter shell material has carbon steel, stainless steel and other different materials.

Disc filter

Product Features:

1. Disc filter:

Filter plate can be selected according to different water requirements, accuracy range of 20 m-200 m.

2. Efficient backwash:

The backwash time is 5-20 seconds, saving time and water, and the backwash is extremely thorough.

3. Automatic operation, continuous water production:

Can be equipped with automatic controller, through time, flow and pressure difference signal to automatically control each filter unit backwash process alternately, to ensure continuous water supply.

4. Long service life:

The filter unit is made of high-tech plastic, anticorrosive and wear-resistant

5. Small floor space:

Compared with similar filters, the disk filter has the same filtering flow and accuracy, and occupies less space

6. Fast filtering speed:

Suitable for high - volume filtering.

Application Field:

Disc filter is a new type of high efficiency filter, which can replace most of the traditional filter. It is widely used in many occasions, such as ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, ion exchange and so on.

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