Electric wafer type butterfly valve

1. Product Overview:

D973H/F electric double-type hard sealed butterfly valve is used as a gas medium to regulate the flow or cut off the gas pipeline of dusty cold or hot air in ventilation and environmental protection engineering in chemical industry, building materials industry, power station and glass industry.

Electric wafer type butterfly valve

2. D973H/F Electric dual type butterfly valve Features:

1. Novel design, reasonable structure, light weight, quick opening and closing.

2, the seal can be replaced, the sealing performance is reliable to achieve two-way seal zero leakage.

3, sealing material aging resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life and other characteristics.

4, two - section stem without pin connection, simple and compact structure, easy maintenance.

5, the seat seal and backrest integrated structure, reduce the seat deformation.

6, stem axial positioning device, enhance sealing, reduce valve torque.

7. It can be installed anywhere for easy maintenance.

3. D973H/F Electric splice butterfly valve Actuator:

Type: CH Series Features:

1. Powerful functions: intelligent, adjustable and switching.

2. Small size: only 35% of the volume of similar products.

3. Easy to use: single-phase power supply, simple wiring; The original spherical protruding structure is adopted to make observation more convenient. No refueling, no point inspection, waterproof and anti-rust, installation at any Angle.

4. The protection device has double limit, overheat protection and overload protection. Full travel time 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 60 seconds. And with manual function.

5. Intelligent NUMERICAL control: the built-in module adopts advanced computer single chip and intelligent control software to directly receive standard signals (4-20mA DC /1-5VDC) output by computers or industrial instruments to realize intelligent control and accurate positioning of valve opening. 3810 series or NA series electronic angular travel actuator is also available. PSQ series or DYR series are also available. Large - diameter valves generally adopt 380VAC electric actuators.

4. D973H/F Electric dual type butterfly valve

Electric double hard seal butterfly valve is a kind of non-sealed butterfly valve, widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mining, power and other production process medium temperature ≤300℃ nominal pressure of 0.1Mpa on the pipeline, for connecting, opening and closing or regulating medium quality.

5. Model analysis

Valve typeDrive mode of valveConnection mode of both ends of valveSealing surface or lining materialbody material
D stands for butterfly valve9 for electric7 stands for clampThree represents three eccentricitiesF for fluoroplastics

6、 Main technical parameters of d973h / F Electric wafer butterfly valve:

Valve body formThrough casting valve
Nominal diameterDN50~1000mm
Nominal pressurePN1.0、1.6、2.5MPa
Flange standardJIS B220, JB / t79, ANSI b16.5-1981, GB / t9113, hg20594-97, hg20618-97, etc
Connection formFlange type, clamp type
Valve cover formIntegral type
Gland typePressing type
PackingV-type PTFE packing, flexible graphite packing

7. D973H/F Electric dual butterfly valve

D973H/F Electric dual butterfly valve

Nominal diameterThe length of the structure
       (Standard value)
External dimensions (reference value)Connection size (standard value)
652 1/246704531251251304-141454-181454-18

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