Electric proportional integral regulating ball valve

Product description

Electric proportional integral regulating ball valve

Suitable for cutting off and adjusting of two persons;

Flow characteristics can be linearized, can replace the old control valve;

Small size and light weight;

Import key parts and components, high reliability

Real material, ensure a long life;

The valve is made of stainless steel, high-grade beautiful;

4-20MA intelligent adjustment is optional;

There are normal temperature, medium temperature, high temperature;

Nominal diameter DN8-400

Nominal pressure 1.6-6.4MPa

Body material cast steel, stainless steel

Sealing materials: teflon, stainless steel

Suitable for normal temperature type -40 ~ 180 'C; High temperature -40 ~ 450 'C

Not only suitable for the control of general fluid medium, and especially suitable for the control of pulp, sewage, containing fiber and small solid particles medium, widely used in power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, papermaking and other industries.

Please state when ordering

1. Power supply voltage: AC220V,AC380V,DC24V;

2. Medium type, temperature and pressure;

3. Switch control or adjustment control;

4. What control signals and feedback signals are required;

5. The ball-through-hole shape or flow characteristics you need.

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