Air conditioner cooling water electric butterfly valve

Detailed parameters

The electric butterfly valve has compact structure, light weight, good stability and high protection grade. Widely used in large thermal power plants, chemical plants, water treatment and sewage treatment, natural gas oil fields, steel works and other automatic regulation systems. RC series switch type or intelligent control type electric device power supply can choose 220V / 380V / 110V, etc., can also be installed into the metal hard seal butterfly valve, etc.

Air conditioner cooling water electric butterfly valve

Nominal diameter: DN50-600

Nominal pressure: 1.6mpa - 6.4mpa

Applicable medium: liquid, gas, steam

Material: cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel

[Ordering Instructions]

1. Nominal diameter DN

2. Nominal pressure and differential pressure

3. Applicable temperature

4. Do you bring attachments

5. Control signal is 4-20mA current or 1-5V voltage signal

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