vacuum tungsten furnace

The vacuum tungsten furnace operates regularly and there is no carbon inside, so carbon pollution is avoided This is an ultra-high temperature and high vacuum furnace for scientific research or industrial production. It is suitable for sintering transparent ceramics with high purity ceramics. Tungsten electrode is used for sintering and degassing under high vacuum. Vacuum sintering can also be used for tungsten and molybdenum products.


Max. Temperature2300ºC
Common temperature1200~2200ºC
Rated power12~100KW
Temperature Accuracy±1ºC
Heating Rate0~20ºC/min (suggestion: ≤15ºC)
Chamber SizeΦ:70~200 H:100~200
Heating ElementsTungsten wire
ThermocoupleInfrared Thermometer or
Tungsten rhenium thermocouple
Temperature ControlProgrammable and PID auto control
Ultimate vacuum6.67*10-4Pa(Cold state)
Rated voltage380V 50/60Hz
Heating rate≤10ºC/min
Leakage rate≤2Pa/h
Protective gasAr, N2


Inner shell is stainless steel, the outer layer is carbon steel and the water is cooled between the two layers.
Furnace shell with suction port, observation hole, thermocouple hole, the protection of the atmosphere import and export, explosion-proof mouth and so on.
The heating element is surrounded by a plurality of tungsten, molybdenum and stainless steel heating screens 
The bottom of the furnace is made by welding the inner and outer plates,  intermediate water-cooling, can be up and down to facilitate loading and unloading material.


Furnace configuration
Tungsten heating vacuum furnace body: 1Vacuum system: 1 set
Digital composite vacuum gauge: 1High current transformer: 1
Electric control cabinet: 1Manual and other technical documents: 1
User owned parts
From the distribution cabinet to the electric cabinet control cabinet connection cable line
The connection pipe, valve and field construction from the collector of the electric stove to the soft water cooler
Distilled water (for soft water cooler recycling)
Accept equipment, handling and on-site installation
Sufficient place for placing equipment
Arrange staff to cooperate with the supplier for equipment debugging

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