Vacuum Electroslag Remelting Furnace


Introduction :

Electroslag remelting (ESR) is a consumable electode remelting process in which liquid metal droplets are refined with contact of a molten slag providing a cleaner, more uniform alloy with minimum segregation.

★Add vacuum cover and vacuum pumping system, electrode rod clamping system, dust collection and filtration system, slag material mechanism, camera observation system, etc.

★ Full honey closed vacuum or protective atmosphere;

★ Loaded with infinite magnetic pressure regulation, fully automatic control of the melting process.

★ Weighing in the whole process of smelting, achieving constant melting speed smelting, semi-coaxial conductive arrangement;

Application :

The ESR process can include a computerized melt control system that fully automates the melting process. The resulting precise control gives a consistently high quality of final metal product that is used in the most demanding aerospace as well as a vast array of other applications.

Model  parameter:

Capacity : 1 TON

Self-consuming electrode diameter: 280mm

Length of diameter: 2500mm

Mold diameter :410mm

Mold length : 1350mm

Transformer capacity: 800KVA

Transformer output voltage:35-75V

Transformer output voltage :10.5KA

Transformer primary voltage:6/10KV

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