Tube Vacuum Furnace


Introduction :

Vacuum quartz tube vacuum laboratory furnace (25—50 diameter) designed for heating small samples up to 1100oC. Stainless steel vacuum flanges with valves, vacuum pressure gauge and quartz tube are included for immediate use. Built-in precision temperature controller can program up to 30 segments of heating, dwelling and cooling steps. The furnace can be set up in both vertical and horizontal positions to meet various applications such as sample heating, VLS, CVD and quenching tests. Set the furnace horizontally or at an angle to grow electronic crystals for semiconductor industry use or rotate it vertically for sintering applications.

Application :

Vacuum  tube laboratory furnace used to produce a large number of nano carbon materials, such as, Carbon nanotube powder, carbon nano tube film and directional carbon nano tubes, etc. It can also be used vacuum sintering, atmosphere protective sintering, nano material production,

Model  parameter:

Product features

Furnace can work under different angle, it can be installed vacuum

device; working under different atmosphere

Heating element


Power supply

AC208--240V 50HZ/60HZ

Rated power


Furnace tube size


Working temperature


Maximum temperature


Temperature control model

30 segments PID intelligent Programmable control

Constant temperature accuracy


Constant temperature length


Maximum temperature rising rate


Recommended temperature rising rate


Overall size





High polycrystalline alumina fiber, well thermal insulation and energy


Temperature measuring element

N model thermocouple


Extrusion seal

Limited vacuum degree


Standard accessories

Sealing flange 1 set, corundum tube 1 piece, vacuum pump 1set,tube

block 4 pieces, high temperature glove 1 set, thermocouple 2 pieces,

square crucible 2 pieces

Optional accessories

Atmosphere supply system, twin-stage vacuum pump, resistance vacuum gauge, different kinds of quartz

or corundum crucible, tube; software and communication module etc.






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