SIC Vacuum Sintering Furnace


Introduction :

This SIC vacuum furnace is applied for Silicon Carbide sintering, and user can charging shielding gas into furnace for sintering process, this furnace has gas cooling circulation function, high work efficiency, the control system was controlled by PLC, user can choice auto / manual undisturbed switching to operate it, this furnace has abnormal condition alarming function too, high automation of control ,easy to operate.

Application :

Silicon carbide sintering furnace is mainly used for recrystallization silicon carbide, silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide and reactive sintering silicon carbide.


Model  parameter:


Cooling Period

≤5h/ ≤6h

Vacuum leakage rate

3Pa/h(Average in cold,empty,dry chamber within 24 hours)

Vacuum pump

Slide-valve Pump,Roots Pump (Imported Pump or domestic

Pump according to customer's requirement)

Wax-collection Rate


Temp.& Atmosphere Uniformity

± 0.4KAM,Magnetic saturation: ≤ ±0.3,Temp.variation:≤ ±8ºC

  Temp. measurement  Mode

   Wre5-26 thermocouple

    Temp.Control Mode

  3-zone or 4-zone Temp. Control


 Vacuum heating,vacuum dewaxing,H2 dewaxing,heating flowing gas,

heating with gas mixture(CO2,CH4,H2),Rapid cooling 

   Heating power


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