Muffle Vacuum Furnace


Introduction :

Vacuum atmosphere furnace introduced advanced technology, independent research and development of energy-saving, environmental protection, new electric furnace, with advanced and reasonable structure, nice appearance, high quality cold-rolled steel shell, the advanced CNC machine tools processing, luxurious and beautiful color importing electrostatic epoxy powder spray molding process, processing, high temperature, corrosion, high quality of the heating element, between the furnace shell with a double air cooling system, rapid cooling; the furnace having a temperature Field balance, low temperature of the furnace surface, rapid rise and fall temperature, energy saving and other advantages.

Application :

The new vacuum muffle atmosphere furnace is widely used in universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises such as powder, electronics, metallurgy, medicine, ceramics, new materials, chemicals, metal sintering and metal heat treatment experiments and production.

Model  parameter:

Rated voltage


Heating rate

≤1-40 ℃ / min    (user- friendly adjustable)                          

Temperature control accuracy

± 1 ℃

Constant temperature accuracy

± 1 ℃

Temperature control method

Liquid crystal touch screen, PID regulation, microcomputer control, programmable temperature curve, without caretaker (automatic heating, insulation, cooling)

Double circuit protection

Over-temperature, overpressure, superfluidity, broken even, power failure and so on

Thermocouple type

B type / S type

Energy saving

Energy-saving effect is more than 60% of the old electric furnace

Heating element

Imported high-quality silicon molybdenum rods /high-quality silicon carbon rod / high-quality resistance wire

Cooling system

Circulating water cooling ( with energy-saving water)

Can be evacuated

Degree of vacuum: can be customized according to customer requirements

Can be a variety of gases

Oxygen, nitrogen, argon and the like

Furnace material

Made of imported composite alumina fiber, good insulation performance, high temperature resistance and thermal shock resistance

Shell surface temperature

≤35 ℃

Qualification honor

ISO9001: 2008, AAA enterprises, CE certification



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