MIM Vacuum Sintering Furnace


Introduction :

MIM high temperature vacuum sintering furnace is widely used in the vacuum sintering of ceramic materials, silicon carbide, opto-electronic plating material and graphite purification.

Application :

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is an established and proven manufacturing technique for producing small, complex, tight-tolerance and high-performance metal parts. MIM is a cost-effective alternative to traditional metal forming techniques such as machining, investment casting, and powder metallurgy. MIM excels at applications that require shape complexity and material properties (high strength, magnetic permeability and corrosion resistance) that cannot be fulfilled by plastic and light metal alloys. It offers tremendous single-step parts consolidation potential that makes it a competitive alternative to stamped/machined-parts assemblies. Many design and economic limitations of traditional metalworking technologies can be readily overcome by MIM. 


Model  parameter:


Loading space


Max. working Temp

1550 ºC

Cooling period


Vacuum leakage Rate

3Pa/h(Average in cold,empty,dry chamber within 24 hours)

Vacuum pump

Slide-valve pump,Roots pump


≤5  ºC

Material quantity


Temp.Measurement Mode

WRe5-26 thermocouple

Temp. Control Mode

2-zone or 3-zone Temp.Control

Heating power


Applicable forming agent



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