High temperature pit type gas carburizing vacuum furnace manufacturers

High temperature pit gas carburizing vacuum furnace manufacturer

The pit furnace is a circulating production furnace. It is mainly used for heat treatment of metal parts in natural or protective atmosphere.

It is suitable for bright annealing and tempering of carbon steel, alloy steel parts and magnetic materials in protective atmosphere, as well as bright annealing of small batch of rolling bars.

Parts description of high temperature pit gas carburizing vacuum furnace manufacturer:

1) Shell: made of steel plate and structural steel.

2) Inside of furnace cover: made of stainless steel plate.

3) Furnace head inner tank: ultra light energy-saving microporous refractory insulation brick

4) The aluminum silicate fiber between the burner liner and the shell is filled with insulation capacity in the gap.

5) Resistance wire: use 0cr25al5 high resistance alloy wire installed on the brick.

6) Furnace cover: use manual lever lifter or electric or hydraulic drive.

7) We have installed fans made of heat-resistant stainless steel shafts and fan blades to heat the workpiece evenly

8) For safe operation, limit switches are installed near the lifting device.

Features of high temperature pit gas carburizing vacuum furnace manufacturer:

1) Reasonable structure, even furnace temperature, small temperature difference between upper and lower working area, especially suitable for heating and heat treatment of long axis workpiece.

2) With energy-saving lining, the heating is fast, the empty furnace consumption is low, and the energy is saved more than 20% compared with the old products.

3) The control system can be equipped with general control instruments or instruments with microprocessor program control according to the actual needs.

4) When it is needed in the process, the protective atmosphere can be fed into the furnace to realize little oxidation heating.

5) Each product is equipped with safety interlock and over temperature device to provide reliable and safe operation and use.


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