High Temperature Vacuum Sintering Furnace


Introduction :

These series products are in the scope of R&D project, and strong task-focused plans can be made against the products of customers. Optional models include low-temperature sintering furnaces and high-temperature sintering furnace


Application :

This vacuum sintering furnace is mainly used for vacuum sintering of hard alloy, ceramic material, powder injection molding, magnetic materials and porous layer materials.

Model  parameter:


 Rated Temperature: 2300℃


 Crucible size: 650*900*18mm


 Feeding Area size: 500*900mm


Uniform temperature zone:500*600mm


 Capacity: 600kg


 Steady temperature error: 0.1 Temperature table


 Protection air: Nitrogen, hydrogen


Rated power: 350kw


 Rated frequency: 2.5KHz


 Furnace temperature eveness: ±10℃

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