high temperature vacuum horizontal tube furnace

High temperature vacuum horizontal tube furnace description

High temperature vacuum horizontal tube furnace is a specially developed graphene growth furnace, which is also suitable for CVD experiment with high heating and cooling requirements. Sta-1200c-tf furnace uses open tubular furnace, bottom rail is directly installed, and enough space shall be ensured for the furnace to leave the test furnace when it grows after stretching, so as to meet the requirements of rapid cooling

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High temperature vacuum horizontal tube furnace features:

1. Rapid diffusion rate

2. Large loading capacity and low processing cost

3. Small surface friction coefficient

4. brittleness low

5. Stable performance

The atmosphere and temperature in the furnace are even and controllable, which ensures the stability of the process and improves the quality of working nitriding.

6. Easy to operate

When the furnace works, the internal pressure changes periodically, and the nitrogen potential also changes periodically, which makes one section of nitride can replace two or three sections, thus simplifying the process and making the operation simpler, because one furnace can replace 4-5 sets.

7. Wide adaptability and uniform diffusion layer

High temperature vacuum horizontal tubular furnace technology




Temperature settings

  Single Temperature Zone

  Dual-zone / (three temperature zones can be customized)

Heating zone length

  440mm (can be customized)

  220mm/220mm (can be customized)

Thermostatic zone length



Rated Power




  1450 × 500 × 730

  1450 × 500 × 730


  125 kg

  165 kg


  Imported high-purity polycrystalline alumina fiber curing furnace, good insulation properties

Furnace tube size

  Φ30/40/60/80/100 × 1200mm

Heating element


Temperature measurement devices

  N-type thermocouple

Temperature measurement methods

  Temperature control system uses artificial intelligence technology, with PID regulation, self-tuning function, and the preparation of 30 segments heating and cooling procedures


  Stainless steel water-cooled extruded sealing flange KF fast

Standard vacuum

  ≤ 50Pa (such as the need for higher vacuum can elect different vacuum system)

Operating Temperature

  ≤ 1150 °C

Max temperature

  1200 °C

Temperature accuracy

  ± 1 °C

Rapid heating rate

  30 °C / min

Recommended heating rate

  10 °C / min

Power Supply

  AC220V/380V  50HZ/60HZ

Standard accessories

  Sealing flange set, "O"-ring 4, quartz tube 1, a vacuum pump 1, 4 plugs, gloves, a high temperature, hook a crucible

Optional accessories

  Oven rack for mixed gas systems, low, medium, high vacuum system, a variety of quartz or corundum crucible crucible, corundum or quartz tube, computer control software, paperless recorder, etc.

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