Tubular furnaces of classification and advantages and disadvantages

Tubular furnaces of classification

According to the furnace type is divided into: vertical furnace, cylindrical furnace, large square furnace;

Divided into: chemical reaction furnace, heating liquid furnace, gas heating furnace, heating mixed phase flow furnace.

Tubular furnace:

1. Vacuum tube furnace and atmosphere tube furnace

2. Ordinary tube furnace, rotating tube furnace and multi-station tube furnace

3, split tube furnace, integrated tube furnace, vertical tube furnace, horizontal tube furnace

4, single temperature zone tube furnace, double temperature zone tube furnace, three temperature zone (multi temperature zone) tube furnace

Tubular furnaces of classification and advantages and disadvantages

Tubular furnace of advantages and disadvantages

Tubular furnace of Advantages:

Mature process; Simple furnace structure; Easy to operate, easy to control, continuous production; High yield of ethylene and propylene and high product concentration;

Low power consumption, high thermal efficiency; Most of the cracked gas and flue gas can be recovered;

With the development of cracking technology, the application range of raw materials is expanding day by day. Can be multi - furnace combination and large - scale production.

Tubular furnace of Disadvantages:

(1) the applicability of heavy materials is still limited

When cracking heavy raw materials, due to the easy coking of heavy raw materials, it is necessary to shorten the operation cycle, reduce the cracking depth, often light coking, shorten the effective production time throughout the year, and also affect the life of cracking furnace and furnace tube. When the cracking depth is reduced, the utilization rate of raw materials is not high, the quantity of low-value products such as heavy raw materials oil is large, and the cost of public works is also increased.

(2) according to the process requirements of high temperature short residence time and low hydrocarbon partial pressure, the surface thermal strength of furnace tube is bound to increase, which requires the oil high-temperature resistant alloy tube and cast tube technology.

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