Silicon Carbide Horizontal Tube Tubular Furnace

Silicon carbide horizontal tube furnace

This series of three zone tubular furnaces are designed to calcine inorganic compounds with better uniformity and are widely used in laboratory test and analysis.

Syn-t1200 series furnace is a detachable tubular furnace with silicon carbide heating elements. The furnace is equipped with ss310 tube with a pair of intelligent stainless steel vacuum sealing flange and valve / gauge, which can heat samples under vacuum or flowing gas conditions up to 1200 ° C. The precision temperature controller provides 51 heating and cooling steps with an accuracy of + / - 1 ° C.

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Tube can be optional:

We can provide ss310 tube, quartz tube, corundum ceramic tube or others for the titratable rotary tube furnace. According to your requirements, we will design the furnace for you.


Furnace Construction

Double shell casing with three cooling fans.
     High purity Alumina fibrous insulation for max. energy saving.
     GearDCmotor drives quartz tube with variable speed 0-9RPM.
     The furnace can be tilted up to 35° by electric lift.
     Splitcover enable faster cooling and easy operation.

Tube size&Heating Zone length

     One zone: 16" (400 mm).
     Constant temperature zone: 120 mm within +/-1oC.

Max. Working Temperature

1100°C for continuously
     1200°C Max for < 2 hours

Temperature Controller

51 segments programmable PID digital temperature controller

Speed Controller

Tube Rotating Speed: 0~9 RPM variable.

Temperature Uniformity

+/- 1°C in heating Zone

Tube rotating Speed

0 - 9 RPM variable

Max. Vacuum level

4.5x10-2 torr (<0.1mtorr/s leaking rate if close all the valves
     to airtight the tube chamber)

Production yield

2 kg per batch


2.5 KW Max


208 - 240V single phase (20 A Breaker required)


One year limited warranty (Consumable parts such as
     processing tubes, o-rings and heating elements are not covered
     by the warranty,)

Product net weight


Product dimension

1300 x 600 x 1200mm

Shipping dimension:

49" x 40" x 70"

Shipping weight

500 lbs

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