High temperature camera tube furnace

Automatic control, intelligent analysis, accurate results. High temperature parts adopt imported silicon carbon pipe, which is not easy to aging, high temperature uniformity and more than 5 times longer service life.

High temperature camera tube furnace main features :

1. Imported U-shaped silicon carbon rod

2. Flange connection, convenient installation and reliable performance

3. Arbitration Law

4. Control instrument, subsection PID regulation

5. The whole machine is equipped with safety leakage protection device

6. It is equipped with strong wind to reduce temperature, which can increase the number of experiments, and the temperature of the furnace body's toilet surface is low

7. The camera is equipped with heat insulation, color filtering and lighting devices

8. Electronic mass flowmeter, more accurate and reliable data and flow

9. Equipped with light side and over temperature protection (instrument control) (new research and development)

10. Automatic focus adjustment imaging function is adopted for camera

11. The whole machine is small in volume, beautiful in appearance, imported spray powder, electrostatic spray

12. Sheet metal is processed automatically by imported machine assembly line

13. Each component is modular and easy to replace.



I. test data is connected to the computer, and all data can be displayed, stored and modified on the computer

II. Test process and data saving function

III. after the test, you can read the historical records on the computer to avoid the errors caused by the automatic identification technology

IV. the screen interface is clear, and the operation is simple and fast.

Technical parameters:

Voltage: 220V 50Hz

Power: 6kw

Temperature range: room temperature - 1600 ℃

Temperature control accuracy: 1600 ℃ & plusmn; 1 ℃

Temperature uniformity: & plusmn; 2 ℃

Constant temperature zone: 200mm

Temperature fluctuation: 1600 ℃ & plusmn; 2 ℃

Control mode: no spark in SSR

Transmission mode: S-type platinum rhodium thermocouple

Instrument function: ① arbitrary programming

② according to the requirements of the national standard, automatically control the temperature rise

③ segmented PID control, more accurate temperature rise curve

Furnace material: light fiber material (imported energy saving and environmental protection type)

Heating element: imported original U-bar, more than 3 times longer life, easy to replace

Combustion tube: 99.5% corundum, size: 70 & times; 80 & times; 500 (inner & times; outer & times; length mm)

Sample quantity: no less than 8 at a time

Function of test method: ① ventilation method ② carbon sealing method ③ strong oxidation

Vent flange device: 316 stainless steel, fully enclosed flange

Vent pipe: all adopt & phi; 3-4mm 304 stainless steel pipe

Experiment process: with full-automatic and manual functions

Image processing: image acquisition by imported camera

The whole machine of the equipment is designed by Mechatronics

Flowmeter: high precision adjustable Rotameter

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