High-temperature 1700℃ Tube Furnace

High-temperature 1700℃ Tube Furnace
The 1800-type U-shaped molybdenum silicide bar is adopted for heating, and the special fixture is convenient to remove. The high-purity 99 corundum tube is used as the hearth, has high cleanliness and is used stably. This type of furnace is used in high-temperature experimental environments with different vacuum requirements and different atmosphere. Its good peripheral expansion is suitable for various high-temperature experiments in colleges, universities and scientific research institutions.

◆Working temperature: 1000~1600℃
◆Intelligent preprogrammed temperature controller: Can control the temperature precisely, edit, save and transfer multiple programs.
◆Furnace mantle structure: Double-layer furnace mantle air-cooled structure.
◆Double-layer stainless sealing flange: U.S. standard needle valves are adopted as the air inlet and outlet valves.
◆Flange support structure with both ends adjustable: Can prolong the service life of the corundum tube.
◆LED high-strength, anti-damage and all-stainless steel buttons: Durable.
◆Over-temperature protective function: The power is off automatically when the temperature exceeds the permissible set values.
◆Safety protection: The power is off automatically when the furnace body leaks current.
➢Extra Options
◆Furnace measuring system (oxygen content testing system, temperature testing system)
◆Vacuum system (rotary vane mechanical pump, diffusion pump unit, molecular pump unit)
◆Atmosphere system (floater flowmeter, mass flowmeter)
◆Monitoring system (temperature recorder, touch screen remote monitoring)
! Note: The optional accessories shall be equipped with the expansion platform.

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