High precision vertical tube furnace

High precision vertical tube type high temperature furnace is mainly used in the drawing process of chip industry. According to the high uniformity of ± 2 ℃, it can ensure the high uniformity of connecting gold wire and silver wire inside the chip, so as to ensure the good conductivity. The heating wire is arranged unevenly, and the circulation of hot and cold air is used to ensure the temperature in the constant temperature zone. The accuracy is higher and more accurate.

High precision vertical tube furnace Performance characteristics:

1. Alumina polycrystal fiber curing furnace, good heat preservation performance

2. Intelligent program temperature control system, resistance wire heating

3. Vacuum and atmosphere

4. Beautiful appearance, reasonable structure design, convenient use, safety and reliability

High precision vertical tube furnace Main uses:

The uniform calcination and drying of powder materials and granular materials are especially suitable for high temperature sintering, atmosphere reduction, CVD experiment, vacuum annealing and other reaction experiments in universities, scientific research institutes and industrial and mining enterprises

Furnace structure and materials

Shell material: the outer box is made of high-quality cold plate, treated with phosphoric acid membrane salt and sprayed with plastic at high temperature, and the color is computer gray;

Furnace liner material: aluminum oxide polycrystalline fiber material, good heat preservation performance, durable, high tensile strength, cold and hot resistance, energy saving and high efficiency;

Heat insulation method: fiber blanket;

Temperature measuring port: thermocouple enters from the bottom of furnace body;

Terminal: the heating furnace wire terminal is located under the furnace body;

Furnace support: it is composed of angle steel frame metal panel, built-in control system and compensation wire, which is located under the furnace body

Heating element: high quality alloy wire 0cr27al7mo2

Operating weight: kg

Standard packing: wooden case


High precision vertical tube furnace Technical parameters:

Temperature range: 100 ~ 1100 ℃;

Fluctuation: ± 1 ℃;

Vacuum degree: - 0.1MPa;

Display accuracy: 1 ℃;

Furnace size: φ 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 * 910mm;

Boundary dimension: 430 * 590 * 1010mm;

Heating area: 500mm

Diameter of matching furnace pipe: φ 40mm; φ 60mm; φ 80mm; φ 100mm

Heating speed: ≤ 30 ℃ / min; (any speed lower than 30 ℃ / min can be adjusted at will)

Overall power: 2.5kW;

Power supply: 220V, 50Hz

Temperature control system

Temperature measurement: k-graduation Ni Cr Ni Si thermocouple;

Control system: ltde fully automatic programmable instrument, PID regulation, control accuracy 1 ℃

Complete set of electrical appliances: use brand contactor, cooling fan, solid-state relay

Time system: temperature rising time, constant temperature time control, constant temperature time arrival, automatic shutdown;

Overtemperature protection: built-in two-stage overtemperature protection device, power on, leakage protection, overtemperature alarm, double insurance;

Operation mode: full range adjustable constant temperature, constant operation; program operation

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