High Temperature High Vacuum Tube Furnace

High Temperature High Vacuum Tube Furnace
Product application:

It mainly used for the preparation of rare earth, electronic lighting, crystal annealing, biological ceramics, electronic ceramics, special alloy, magnetic materials, precision casting, vacuum sintering of metal heat treatment and other industries, protective atmosphere sintering, vacuum coating, CVD experimental measurement, material composition, etc.

Technical parameters:
Furnace tube size 60*1000mm 80*1000mm
Dimension Weight 800*635*1500mm    140kg
Rated voltage AC220V       50/60Hz
Rated power 3kw
Control mode Fuzzy PID control and self - tuning function; Intelligent 30 - segment programmable control.
Sealing method Stainless steel sealing flange. (including needle valve, needle vacuum pressure gauge, hose connection)
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Working temperature Max. Temp. 1400℃,Continuous operating temp. ≤1300℃
Heating rate Recommended ≤10℃/min,the fastest raising rate 30℃/min
Heating element Silicon carbide rod
Chamber material Alumina polycrystalline fiber
Furnace tube material Corundum tube
Temperature measuring element S-Type Thermocouple
Flow monitoring Float flowmeter
Heating zone 300mm
Constant temperature zone 150mm
Optional vacuum Mechanical pump 10^-2 torr
Molecular pump 10^-5 torr
Rechargeable atmosphere Nitrogen, argon and other inert gases; automatic ignition is required for pure hydrogen (optional)
Operational safety Open furnace door and power off, over - temperature alarm, leakage protection function
Quality assurance 1 year warranty period, except related consumables, such as heating element, etc.
Standard configuration Protective gloves 1pair; crucible tong 1pc; corundum boat 1pc; quartz tube 1pc; furnace plugs 4pcs; 1 hook; Hexagon inside no. 6 (special for flange); Flange 1set; high pressure gas pipe 1set; high temperature sealing rings 4pcs; 1 copy of product specification; 1 copy of instrument specification; 1 copy of warranty certificate.

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