Trolley box furnace with air circulation system

Application scope:

The box furnace with forced internal air circulation system is suitable for all kinds of heat treatment (tempering, artificial aging, mould preheating, material testing, drying, etc.) under normal air pressure, with accurate temperature distribution and temperature dynamic curve. The volume is from 1000L to 30000l, and the temperature is divided into 650 ℃ and 850 ℃ series.

Trolley box furnace with air circulation system

Structure description:

Low carbon steel shell and frame structure;

Side door sealed by fusible insulation rope;

The furnace door control is set on the right side;

Doors and walls of mineral fiber insulated furnaces;

The bottom of the furnace is protected by firebricks;

The ventilation equipment is installed on the back side of the furnace with a horizontal shaft;

The heating element is installed on both sides of the electric furnace;

The internal controller of the industrial controller can save 30 control programs, each program is composed of at least 15 steps, and the operator can select the preset time and date according to the installed real-time clock;

The electric control system has the left side of the furnace;

The furnace door is equipped with a safety switch;

K type thermocouple;

Semiconductor contactless relay switch;

High temperature overshoot device.

The standard design includes:

Manual side door opening;


Industrial controller with independent limiting unit.


According to DIN 17052-1, the horizontal circulation system ensures the uniform air distribution in the furnace;

The top insulating material has the advantages of low operation cost and excellent power of the furnace.

     Serial No.
maximum temperature
External dimensions
     (w x h x d)mm
Internal dimensions
     (w x h x d)mm
VKNC 1000/6565010002200x3200x1800900x900x1260424001450
VKNC 1500/6565015002300x3300x21001000x1000x1500544001600
VKNC 2000/6565020002300x3300x26001000x1000x2000744001950
VKNC 3600/6565036002500x3500x31001200x1200x2500874002400
VKNC 5500/6565052402600x3600x37001300x1300x3100954004800
VKNC 7200/6565072002800x3900x38001500x1600x30001104005500
VKNC 15000/65650152003000x2800x49502000x1900x40001804009500
VKNC 20000/65650200003000x2950x60002000x2000x500023040011000
VKNC 30000/65650300003500x3000x71002500x2000x600028040013500

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