Tilting Trolley Furnace


Introduction :

Tilting car type resistance furnace is the national standard energy-saving cycle operation furnace. Super energy-saving structure, 30% energy saved. Anti-impact sealing brick of the car. Automatic rotating mechanism. Car and the furnace door are sealed automatically

Application :

Tilting type trolley tempering furnace mainly used for the following metal mechanical parts:

Large and medium-sized high chrome;

High manganese steel casting, gray iron castings, nodular cast iron, roller;

Steel ball;

Hammerhead of the crusher;

Wear-resisting liners;

Pressure vessel;

Slewing bearing;

Large axial;

Mould material.


Model  parameter:

Maximum temperature

1200ºC(for short time)

Working temperature 

1100ºC (continuous)

Heating rate

10-30ºC/min, it will take 15-30minutes from room temperature to 1000ºC

Chamber size


Temperature control

16 steps programmable and PID automatic control

Temp. uniformity


temp. precision



AC 380V 3 phase, 50/60 Hz

Heating element

Resistance Wire



Standard accessories

high temperature gloves 1 pair, crucible tong 1pc, Al2O3 sample block 1pc,power line 1 pc


One year (Consumable parts such as heating element and thermocouple are not covered by the warranty.)


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