Oil Trolley Furnace


Introduction :

Trolley annealing furnace adopts or heavy oil as the fuel to heat the workpieces. The workpieces or materials are carried into and out of the chamber by the trolley, which is controleld by one motor and reducer, this kind of trolley furnace is widely used for annealing during heat treatment process ,after modification .

Application :

Trolley annealing furnace aims to annealing heat treatment for large castings, welding parts,steel structural workpieces,forgings and so on.And especially post welding heat treatment(PWHT) for pressure vessel or container .

Model  parameter:

Working temperature:0-1200 ℃

Max temperature:1250 ℃

1.Large loading capacity, strong heat treatment ability, high efficiency and low operation cost;

2.The furnace linings is made of the complete fiber structure, compared to thebrick furnace chamber, effectivelyimprove the performance of heat preservation.;

3.For the small and medium size furnace, no need to installation basic foundation, integration of rail, can be used on a level ground.

4.Large -scale electric furnace adopts multiple district heating, in order to improve the temperature uniformity, the heating elements are installed at the furnace door, backwall and bogie, high-power electric furnace, equipped with multi automatic temperature control cabinet, respectively for district heating automatic temperature control;


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