High Temperature Trolley Furnace


Introduction :

High temperature trolley resistance furnaces is national standard, energy-saving and periodic resistance furnace, with ultra energy-efficient structure, using composite fiber for heat preservation, and ultra-light and high-strength refractory materials. It can save energy from 60% to 70%.

Application :

It mainly used for large and medium-sized high chrome, high manganese steel casting, gray iron castings, nodular cast iron, roller, steel ball, hammerhead of the crusher, wear-resisting liners, pressure vessel, slewing bearing, large axial, mechanical parts and mould material for annualizing and other heat treatment. Electric or gas can be used as heating source.

Model  parameter:

Rated voltage


Design temperature

  1000℃, 1200℃, 1400℃, 1600℃, 1700℃, 1800℃

Heating rate

  ≤0.1-30℃/min(can be adjusted arbitrarily)

Heating element

  High quality U type silicon stick / High quality U type molybdenum bar

Control accuracy

  ± 1℃

Temperature control

  Microcomputer control, PID adjustment, intelligent microcomputer control, 50 stage programmable temperature control curve, no need to watch(automatic heating, heat preservation, open the door to cut power)

Temperature measuring element


Furnace material

  Ceramic fiber/ Alumina fiber/ Composite alumina fiber/ High purity alumina fiber/ Imported fiber

Furnace door structure

  Side-opening and the furnace door can be rotated 360 degrees

Heat dissipation mode

  A double layer resistance tropical air cooling system

Surface temperature


Spare parts

  2 heating rods, 2 rods, 1 crucible tongs, 1 pair of fire gloves, 1 copy of the instruction and 1 copy of certificate of conformity



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