Energy Saving Trolley Furnace


Introduction :

 Energy saving high temperature trolley heat treatment furnace is very easy to operate , it is no need to install , putting on the flat ground can be used. The loading car is connected with furnace chamber, it can be pushed by hand , also can be moved by electric .and door can be auto lift by electric power.

Application :

Energy saving high temperature trolley heat treatment furnace is welded by steel and profiled steel, The furnace chamber is made of high quality ceramic fiber and top quality electric resistance beltwhich can heat fasting and can save 60-80% energy compared with the old brick chamber furnace.

Model  parameter:

Product Name:

Energy saving high temperature trolley heat treatment furnace

Max Temperature:


Working Temperature:


Chamber Size:


Heating Element:

Fe-Cr-Al-Mo alloy resistance belt.

Heating Rate:

20 /Minutes (Suggest<20 ℃/Minute)

Temperature Controller:

30-51 Segments programmable and PID auto Control

Temperature Accuracy:



k type (0-1200℃)

Rated Power:


Rated voltage:

380V(50/60HZ) 3 phases

Furnace construction:

Double shell with fan cooling

Shell Material:

Steel or stainless steel with plastic spraying

Chamber Material:

High Quality Alumina Ceramic Fiber

Standard Accessory:

Thermocouple 1 Pc,

Extend electric wire: 10M.

Car Moving orbit; 2 Pcs.

Thermal Glove 1 prs,

Operation Manual: 1Pc

Selected Accessory:

Touch Screen PLC Controller,

Paperless recorder,

Telecommunicate port.

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