Indirect Cooling Constant Temperature Control Machine


Indirect Cooling Constant Temperature Control Machine


Mold temperature controller is widely used in plastic molding, light guide plate, die-casting, extrusion, rubber tires, idler wheel, chemical, reaction kettle, conglutinate, rubber internal mixer and other industries.

1.Max operating temperature: 200℃.
2.PID adopted to control the temperature. Keeping the error within ±0.1°C. Keeping long time constant temperature, high efficiency and energy saving.
3.Protective measures: Motor overload,  Less  than medium, low pressure, electric overheating, Over-temperature alarm
4.Microcomputer chip control panel with light-touch switch to start the machine with one press. Visual and easy to operate, easy to maintain.
5.Stainless steel tank without leakage and durable.


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