temperature sensor thermocouple

Thermocouple is a kind of temperature measuring equipment, which consists of two different conductors. They contact each other at one or more points. When the temperature of one point is different from the reference temperature of the rest of the circuit, it will generate voltage. Temperature sensor widely used in temperature measurement and control can also convert temperature gradient into electric energy. Commercial thermocouples are cheap, interchangeable, and come with standard connectors that measure a wide range of temperatures. Compared with most other temperature measurements, thermocouples are self powered and do not require external excitation.

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Technical parameters:

product name

temperature sensor thermocouple pt100 rtd

Specification model



Class A

Protection tube material

stainless steel

temperature range


Extension wire length


Protective tube length


Protective tube diameter


Extension material

thermocouple wire, silver plated

The connector

RTD connector

Fixed requirements

size, customized

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